“I didn’t know what to expect and was pleasantly surprised at how fun and dynamic the class was. My daughter thought she was at a party!”

Kate Wright,
mum to Amelia, 5

“I like yoga because we run on all fours and pretend we’re lizards.”

Joshua Goold, 5
Benefits of childrens yoga
Yoga for children combines the many ways in which a child learns: visually, linguistically, kinaesthetically, logically and rhythmically.

There are so many benefits from introducing children to yoga from the age of 3 onwards. The body focus improves posture, range of movement in joints, strength and flexibility. Yoga can also have a powerful effect on a child’s behaviour: it has elements of discipline and patience. It gives a child their own "me time", which they need - just as adults do!" Yoga improves co-ordination, balance, sleeping habits and immune system.

Although non-competitive, yoga does offer the ability to master challenging poses and children experience a powerful increase in self-esteem as their abilities develop
Concentration – Breathing and focus is a main component in these sessions. Children who practice yoga are generally able to concentrate better and for longer.
Health – Childhood obesity is on the rise and yoga provides a powerful technique for kids to grow stronger and healthier
Lower stress levels – Children today are often overscheduled, face tough competitions, exams and peer pressure. Yoga can help them ‘chill out’!